Fall 2017

Welcomed by Christ, Called to Welcome

For eight Sundays in worship this fall, we will have a series focusing on hospitality, as the Bible understands it. For those of us who already “know” that hospitality means the hosting of our friends or family members for food or lodging at our own invi¬tation, biblical concepts of hospitality will surprise and deeply challenge us. The last three Sundays of the se¬ries will be a narrower focus on sort of a “case study,” a more specific hospitality-related topic: immigration. In that part we will look at biblical material pertain¬ing to migrants and refugees, which seems especially relevant in our local community and in today’s world.

You are invited to join others at Waterford in a 40-Day Hospitality Experiment, running from Sept. 25 through Nov. 3. You can sign up for this experiment at the Participation Station and in adult Sunday School classes. The experiment basically has 3 parts:

1. For 40 days, ask God daily to send you a hospitality opportunity

2. Record your experiences in a journal

3. Near the end of the 40 days, share your journal with one of the pastors (your permission will be obtained before any¬thing is passed along to others)